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From the

Summer of Love

to the

Valley of the Moon

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About  the Book

LSD meets Chardonnay


A teenager comes of age during the Summer of Love at her rock & roll wedding. Her story relates the saga of life and relationships from then until the present through many lessons learned the hard way, until when, in 2005 she transitioned into yet another challenging marriage to the founder of an iconic winery in the Valley of the Moon.


An inspirational narrative of one woman’s perseverance, creativity and stamina to overcome the cultural norms of patriarchy through years of controlling abuse and moving on through the learning curve of personal growth.


The publication of this story was inspired and encour­aged by the now prominent #MeToo Movement.



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About  the Author

Nancy J. Martin was born in San Francisco, raised in Marin County and migrated north to the Valley of the Moon, where she has resided since 1976. In addition to writing, Nancy creates custom, handcrafted jewelry, which she sells worldwide. To see her work, click here!

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 Book Reviews



Judge’s Commentary

FROM THE SUMMER OF LOVE TO THE VALLEY OF THE MOON by Nancy J. Martin is riveting from start to finish. This reviewer picked up this book and got sucked in immediately by prose that read like an excellent novel. It opens with a great hook, so the reader immediately becomes engaged in the story. And it didn't stop there. This author shows a great talent for skipping all the boring parts no one wants to read and chooses the nuggets that people want to know. While Martin has suffered her share of setbacks, never did the book feel self-pitying, nor does the reader feel she has a proverbial axe to grind or is trying to get revenge. Yet her book does have a tremendous purpose, particularly to encourage the reader to get involved or at least to care more about the care of the mentally ill. This book is so timely because people are really interested in the eras she writes about, yet timeless in that the author's life is relatable.

The cover photos are intriguing. The back cover copy invites the reader in, as does the endorsement. The photo on the back is appealing. The pictures inside depict beautiful people we want to learn about. This reviewer appreciates this memoir and hopes the author will keep getting her message to the public.


READERS‘FAVORITE Book Reviews and award contest, awards From the Summer of Love to the Valley of the Moon, by Nancy J. Martin A FIVE STAR BOOK REVIEW.

“A life of remarkable personal agency…Martin’s spirit shines through here with an extraordinary ability to meditate through multiple storms that push this memoir into the must-read category. Very highly recommended.”

Reviewed on 10/22/21

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